Camp We Ch Me (2024)

1. Camp We-Ch-Me Lodge - Washoe County

  • Description: Camp We-Ch-Me Lodge is a conveniently located overnight getaway for community groups, businesses or family/social gatherings. Reservation includes ...

  • Camp WeChMe is located within the south entrance to Galena Creek Regional Park at 18350 Mt. Rose Highway, Reno, NV 89511

2. Galena Creek Recreation Area and Visitor Center

  • In 1980, Camp We Ch Me Lodge was constructed for the Campfire Girls, which has since been renovated and is available to the public as a community building.

  • Welcome to our home. Explore 25 million acres of timeless traditions, local culture, events, and world-class adventures from Lava Beds National Monument to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Use our Sierra Nevada travel planning map and the Free Mobile App to guide you through a breathtaking landscape that shapes our lives and unforgettable vacations. Get off the beaten path and find our favorite places by Exploring Themes or Subregions - Northern Sierra Cascade, Southern Sierra, Tahoe Emigrant Corridor, and Yosemite Gateway.

3. Galena Creek Regional Park - Washoe County

4. Camp WeChMe Lodge – Galena Creek Park - Zinser Photography Blog

  • 12 jun 2009 · Camp WeChMe is located within the Galena Creek Regional Park just off the Mount Rose Highway (State Route 431), along the eastern slope of the ...

  • I wanted to let everyone know about a great spot in Reno to get Married and to have a great Reception. It is called Camp WeChMe Lodge. It is located on Mount Rose Hwy just after the first Galena Cr…

5. Galena Creek Wedding at Camp Wechme - Kendall Price Photography

  • 14 sep 2015 · We started the day off with a First Sight between Nathan and ... me! Again, congratulations to you both. I'm so glad I got to be a part ...

  • Nathan and Jacqueline’s wedding was at Galena Creek in Reno.  It is such a great location for portraits.  The tall evergreen trees with aspen mixed in is a photographer’s dream.  […]

6. Nomady - close to nature campsites and shelters

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  • The most beautiful campsites and cozy cabins with private hosts. Perfect for your next camping adventure. Book easily online.

7. International Summer Camp Montana Switzerland

  • The Camp · Dates & Prices · Program: Activities and Sports · The Staff

  • Summer camp Switzerland for kids and teens in Crans-Montana I Since 1961 I Nature✓ sports✓ language school & friends from around the world✓

8. VacanceSelect: Campings and holiday parks in Europe

  • We know it is important that a camping holiday is tailored to suit your needs. Facilities and activities are especially geared toward children - superb pool ...

  • VacanceSelect, the specialist in holidays at the most beautiful campsites and holiday parks in more than 15 countries throughout Europe

9. Camp Massawippi: Home

  • Founded in 1951, Camp Massawippi offers recreational, educational and leisure activities to children, youth, and adults with physical disabilities through ...

  • Welcome to CampMassawippi Where campers thrive Founded in 1951, Camp Massawippi offers recreational, educational and leisure activities to children, youth, and adults with physical disabilities through camp programs that maximize their abilities and autonomy. Our camp programs, offered in English and French to individuals from within the province of Quebec and beyond, are provided in a safe environment […]

10. Rosey Summer Camps in Switzerland | International Summer Camps

  • Email: · Subscribe to the newsletter · Institut Le ... Why do we love My Family Camp? This, this, and thi.

  • Your summer in Switzerland starts with us! International summer camps in July & August, ages 8-16. A glimpse of the Rosey spirit in a few short weeks!

11. My Eco Camp - Experiencing Adventure

  • It is one of the best campsite at Bagda Beach, Balasore, Odisha. We have restaurant facilities for guests for a meaningful holiday experiences that they will ...

  • Bagda is a small seaside village which is a best kept secret weekend destination in Balasore. Unexplored and unspoilt, the beach is very close to the Bahabalpur fishing centre, the long beach stretch with white sand dunes, casuarinas forest and tamarisk trees. You can take a dip in the sea. The voice of waves hitting the shores is very refreshing, and it revitalises the soul. Blowing winds, vast areas of sands with beautiful shells, tiny crabs, and music of waves and crimson red colour of horizon during the sunset aid the alluring beauty of the beach. The water of the sea is crystal clear and deep blue in colour.

Camp We Ch Me (2024)
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